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 Why not ensure it is positioning you for success, not failure?

Top Prospect Careers is one of Boston's best professional resume writing services, and we have been helping industry leaders get hired faster and paid better for four years and counting. We have extensive experience writing professional resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles for job seekers in Boston, Massachusetts.

Our team works collaboratively to ensure that your resume captures your voice, experience, and skills in a way that resonates with recruiters, hiring managers, and employers. We are one of the best resume writing services in Boston, Massachusetts. If not THE BEST. 

Unlike other Boston resume writing services companies in the Boston area whose main purpose is to sell their services. Top Prospect Careers focuses on helping you get a job. Our company is committed to providing you with an effective and professional resume that will help you realize your career goals.

You Don't Want a Resume, 
You Wan't a Job!

resume writing services boston


Let’s get this over quickly!

 You can’t get a job without a resume, it is as simple as that. Despite stories that indicate otherwise, 99% of the time, you need to submit a resume. Even when your friend is giving you a hand (barring it’s not their company), they will say something like, “just send me your resume and I will give it to my boss and Human Resources.”

resume writing services boston ma

Two More Reasons You Need A Resume...

Organizations need to ensure they have liability protection. This is so they can prove they are engaging in fair hiring practices. They want your resume to back up their hiring processes. Does this mean they can’t discriminate and won’t discriminate? No. But the resume provides them with the information they need to protect themselves, if they need to.


The second reason they want a resume? It streamlines the hiring process. Imagine hiring for a popular position and having every candidate call in and ask for an interview? It’s unrealistic, what requite too much time, and be too expensive for employers. The resume process helps them save money and find quality candidates faster.

Think of it like this, it doesn't matter if you're in Boston or New York. Your resume is a tool to sell you. It is probably the most crucial document in relation to boosting your salary and growing in your career. You should optimize your resume as much as possible to beat out the competition. Take time to improve it so you can get it  n front of recruiter's and hiring manager’s, and generate interviews.

You may have the impression that people from Boston don't need an executive coach or help with resume writing. But with the ever-changing job market, opportunity for remote and hybrid work, and the evolution of hiring, it may be time to consider getting assistance. Brad and Dan have helped hundreds of professionals like yourself advance in their careers, so don’t hesitate to take a step in the right direction and hire TPC. 


We optimize every part of your resume from top to bottom. Top Prospect Careers improves every detail of the document with our personalized resume writing service.  This is the process:


  1. Request a quote: fill out the form! TPC will send a quote that reflects the project deliverables and your professional experience.

  2. After we send an invoice and it is paid, TPC will start a first draft of your resume based on the information you provided in the form. This helps us understand your career history more.

  3. We will then organize a virtual call to discuss your experience, career aspirations, and the finer details of your employment history during the strategy session included in all of our packages.

  4. After the consultation, we will create the first draft for you to review. Then we work on revisions until we have completed a document that you are proud to send out.

  5. While we are working on revisions, TPC will also start writing any other document associated with the package(cover letter, LinkedIn, etc.).


Top Prospect Careers aims for client success. We are always trying to ensure our executive and top-performing clients in Kitchener have the competitive advantage they need to get hired faster.




What Makes Our Resumes Different?

If you search for a resume writer on Google, you’d probably get more results than you could count. So how is Top Prospect Careers better than the rest?

We write resumes with our clients, to reflect their experience, in their voice. Too many resume writing companies in the Boston area do not rely on their client's input when they are writing resumes. Instead, they create purposefully vague content that seems impressive, but says little. Like this: “Value-driven change agent and growth-focused thought leader with a proven talent for aligning business strategy and objectives with business paradigms.”

At TPC we like to refer to this as perceived value, essentially content that sounds good but does not help you as a job seeker. In addition, many resume writing and career services companies do not remove their digital signatures on the resumes they produce for their clients. These are just a couple of ways where they don’t treat you with the respect that you deserve.

We are different. Our clients appreciate our collaborative approach when expressing their unique career journey. We rely on our clients' input heavily to create career documents (resume, LinkedIn, cover letter, etc.). This is so when they receive the final drafts it is a reflection of them, not a combination of random flashy phrases.

Plus, we are happy to say that many of our clients give us positive feedback about our process.  They say it helps them understand their experience and accomplishments better, acts as a great first step when beginning their job search,  and gets them ready for interviews. PS: CV and resume are often used interchangeably so if you want a CV in Boston contact us! 

resume writing services boston


Before we talk about this, let’s get clear on some things.

Despite what you have heard,  the sole function of an ATS is not to screen and scan applicants. An ATS simplifies the recruitment process; this can be in the shape of creating a workflow, posting jobs, standardized job descriptions, organizing, screening, and searching for applicants, scheduling interviews, extending offers, and managing candidates. We are one of the few resume writing services that know how ATSs function.

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How Does An ATS Impact Job Seekers?

Candidate resumes are housed within their candidate information or profile within an ATS. In addition, resumes are often scanned so these systems can extract key data from them to add to the internal candidate profile. This may replace making you manually enter your information into an online application or form, although it rarely does.

TPC designs resumes that can scanned with ease by ATSs and recruiters. This is what ATS friendly, optimized, compliant etc., means. There is no secret keyword trick or some top-secret template. It is simply creating a document that is easy to parse and scan!

Want to learn more about ATS's? Check out this blog post.



Since TPC started, we have helped 100s of professionals from new graduates to CEOs get hired. Since 2018, we have received  100+ reviews spanning LinkedIn, Facebook, and our website. We do not have enough room to include every piece of feedback, but you can read some on our Client Success Page.


Our commitment to deliver results has created a loyal following. As such, close to 60% of our business comes from referrals, return clients, or professional organizations that we partner with.

But do we offer any guarantees? While 100% of our clients have landed interviews,  we can’t guarantee this for you. Simply, because we have no control over your job search, the job market, and what roles you apply for.  However, our TPC Coaching package, which has a 100% success rate, includes working with us until you land a role!

If you're looking for professional resume writing services in Boston, MA, TPC is your best bet.

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