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Well, studies show that 40% of employers won’t look at resumes if they don’t have a cover letter.

Ouch, maybe you should have written one? But, lucky for us, this number is declining, and fewer and fewer companies expect, require, or want a cover letter.

Do You Need A Cover Letter?

The issue is, as mentioned, that many recruiters, companies, and hiring managers expect it. To put it plainly, it is better to have one and not need it than need one and not have it.

Don’t beat yourself up. I can assure you that you’re not the first or the last person who has neglected to write a cover letter. And like I said, you could probably make a convincing argument of why it is not worth your time to write a cover letter for each application. But I’ll get to that.

First, consider this. Cover letters set the tone of an application and will motivate the hiring manager or recruiter to read the enclosed resume.

It allows you to demonstrate your interest in a position, your professional brand, and why a prospective employer should consider you over the next candidate. A cover letter is a unique document that represents why YOU, as a person, are a good fit for the role. It also allows you to discuss why you may be looking for a new role, transitioning into a new vocation, or moving to a new country or state.

“But what if I want to apply to as many places as possible? I don’t have time to write a cover letter for each employer.”

It is better to have a generic cover letter that is easy to customize than not having one at all. That is why at TPC, we give our clients the choice of having a cover letter that allows you to swap key information quickly so you can tailor it for each application with little effort. Or, you can request a cover letter specifically tailored for one role, and we will write it accordingly.

Cover letter writing services Canada & US


After deciding whether you want a customizable cover letter or a tailored one, our professional cover letter writing process begins by writing the cover letter.

We start by creating a rough draft for you to review, comprising content reflecting your resume and our consultative discussion. This process begins after the resume is nearly complete. We then work through this content in as many revisions as needed.

Our professional cover letter writing is always in addition to the resume. TPC does not offer cover letter writing as a one-off service. The reason is simple: when breaking down package costs, our price point for cover letters is extraordinarily affordable.


Our Professional Cover Letters Can Help Set You Apart.

Cover letters can provide more context to your application, give greater details about your work experience, and introduce you memorably.

Does every recruiter read them? No. Does every employer ask for them? No. But when they do, you need to have one. A cover letter can also be a great differentiator even when an employer doesn’t request it.

But a poorly written template you found online won’t cut it. When working with Top Prospect Careers, we will help you develop a cover letter that reflects your professional brand and exemplifies your experience in a way that shows unequivocally that you’re an ideal candidate.

Professional cover letter writing
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