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The Get Hired Faster and Paid Better Method!


The TOP driver of life satisfaction is JOB satisfaction. If you’re in the wrong job, you simply won’t be as happy as you could be.

Your career should be an extension of you. A pervasive problem in today’s job market is professionals who feel stuck in careers that are not serving their deeper emotional needs. They do not feel inspired, motivated or fulfilled but can’t break the cycle which keeps them stuck in a role or roles that aren’t right. Often they don’t know who to go to for advice. That is where we come in, as leading executive career coaches we have dealt with professionals from a variety of different backgrounds and our professional career coaching has helped them gain clarity. 

You are a top candidate for career coaching if:

  1. You feel uninspired and unmotivated in your current job

  2. You have a calling to do something different

  3. Your career is stagnant

  4. You are ready for a change but you don’t know how

  5. You are willing to take the risk to change 

  6. You do not feel your life has a lot of meaning

  7. You are an action taker

  8. You feel like your current career is monotonous

  9. You feel something is missing in your life

  10. You feel that your current career is not in line with your deeper purpose

  11. You don’t know which skills and abilities bring out the best in you

  12. You are unsure of the kind of career that would bring you joy


Career coaching is FAR more than finding a better job, it’s about building a better life. Doing something everyday that leaves you feeling uplifted, confident, and whole.

Burnout due to job stress and misalignment has increased and has contributed to a global decrease in well-being and life satisfaction over the past four years. This doesn’t have to be you! Do NOT spend another hour of your life working for the sake of working and living the same day over and over. No matter where you are in your career, it’s not too late to transform it.


Benefits of Career Coaching...

  • Reduced burnout

  • Decreased languishing

  • Define a more optimal job search strategy

  • Increased self-awareness and self-efficacy

  • Improved social connection and emotional regulation

  • Reduction in stress and increase in stress management

  • Increased resilience

  • Increased mental fitness, performance, and productivity

  • Increased focus and goal achievement

  • Improved confidence and clarity

  • Development of a compelling personal brand

  • Negotiate a better salary and options

  • Improved prospects of being hired

  • Increased job interview skills and confidence

Executive Career Coach


The practice of career coaching assists clients in significantly improving their attitude on work and life, as well as their leadership abilities and potential for both their personal and professional lives.

Our Career Coaching Program Highlights:


  • Evaluations of personality and talents.

  • Know what drives and inspires you personally.

  • Create a personal "life purpose" or "Ikigai" declaration.

  • Make it clear what types of employment you seek.

  • Create a distinctive personal and professional brand.

  • Create a successful job search plan.

  • Learn interview techniques to enhance your interview performance

Executive Career Coaches

Your Executive Career Coaches!

We identified a serious need in the market for career coaching. Simply, too many coaches provide guidance without providing the necessary tools or plan to carry it out. Anyone can ask you "why" but how many coaches can tell you how?

We can.

Together Brad and I offer a unique career coaching program that fuses the theory with the practical.

Dan's has a background in HR and has assisted over 300 people in improving their job applications, honing their interviewing skills, and receiving job offers. He is now in a position to offer professionals the tools and assistance they need to advance their careers.

Brad has an extensive background in career coaching, Brad advises individuals in finding their calling honing their leadership skills. He is now in a position to give our clients the guidance they need to determine their professional path.

Together, we are Top Prospect Careers!

Our Executive Coaching Promise to Leaders

With our Career Coaching, we'll do everything in our power to support you in realizing the career transition or growth you desire. We hope to help you advance in your career and establish yourself as a more self-assured, inspired, fulfilled, and joyful professional by utilizing our combined abilities, experience, and training. We have you covered whether you're an executive, manager, mid-level professional, or entry-level professional. We'll hold you accountable, work with you to develop a strategy you appreciate, and support you while you carry it out.

Professionals who are eager and prepared to truly pursue their personal and professional development are our ideal clients. If our clients don't put in the necessary, demanding, and occasionally difficult work to create the future they want, we can't accomplish miracles. An open mind is necessary to view things from a fresh angle, and the willingness to push yourself in a new direction is a requirement for the type of development that results in greater fulfilment and success. Excellent behaviors are necessary for excellent results, and only the client has authority over these.



Brad and Dan were fantastic! Sometimes, you hit a bump in the road and look for other alternatives to help. In my case, paying for another service helped, but I was missing a key ingredient; interview tips. I knew that if an employer would give me a shot, I could get a job. But, I didn't realize how much I was talking. Brad setup a Skype call with me. We ended up talking for 1 hour and 30 minutes. His positive feedback set me on the right track. I did get several in person interviews afterwards, but it wasn't until about 2-3 weeks after the first few batch of in-persons that all my hard work and prep had paid off. It wasn't a hard interview necessarily, but the company saw my raw potential; all I was asking for in the beginning. I can't thank Brad and Dan enough!

- Scott McLaughlin



We're more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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