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Reverse Recruiting-Top Prospect Careers


The Get Hired Faster and Paid Better Method!


We personally manage your entire job search.

You already know you're the top performer, let us help you become the top prospect!

We are the only reverse recruiting services company that has a pricing model that decreases with time. Meaning, the longer you work with us, the cheaper it gets, without the deliverables changing. Our reverse recruiters are incentivized to get you hired, faster.

Reverse Recruiters

As Reverse Recruiters We Work For You!

After an extended job search the cliché, “searching for a job is a full-time job” starts feeling a lot truer than it should. What started as optimism has turned into concern after getting less responses than you expected or none at all. 

Or you're interviewing with a hiring manager and they ask your salary expectations. You say 10% more than your current pay, when they were willing to offer you 20% more.

How many opportunities have you missed by not being prepared or having the marketing tools to show, unequivocally, why you're the best fit for the job? By allowing our reverse recruiters to work for you, you will save hundreds of hours, and get hired, faster.

Many professionals don't realize how much skill is involved in a successful job search!

You need a strategy, a process, and an approach that is going to get you consistent success and position you for lucrative salary negotiations. Lucky for you, our reverse recruiters have experience helping 100s of people get hired and since we conduct job searches for a living, you can trust our results. We work until you are PICKED as a Top Prospect.

Our Reverse Recruiting Program is for Executives and Top-Performers. This is how it works...

  • First, fill out the brief application! This is for us to learn more about you, your work experience, goals, and whether you would be a good fit for our reverse recruiting program. 

  • If we agree that you are an ideal candidate for our program, one of our reverse recruiters will send a contract. This will outline deliverables, payment details, and criteria. 

  • After payment is made, we conduct a robust job search on your behalf, with your collaboration, working together every step of the way. 

  • Our reverse recruiting services are ideal for Director to C-level professionals, top-performers, and key contributors who want to maximize their employability and professional prospects without spending hundreds of hours doing so.

  • Don't waste hundreds of hours in your next job search, let TPC take the reins, save you time, and get you hired, faster! 

Reverse Recruiter

What is Reverse Recruiting?

Recruiting is the act of attracting, engaging, assessing, and onboarding talent for work. This is often done by a recruiter, whether in-house for an employer, working in agency, or as a contractor. They seek talent and candidates on behalf of an employer. The conventional definition of reverse recruiting is when an employer seeks out candidates. Meaning, employers apply to the candidates. Top Prospect Career’s reverse recruiting is where we work for the candidate to seek out employers. Our reverse recruiters manage your job search completely, from end to end to optimize your candidacy and position you to impress employers. 

What is a Reverse Recruiter?

A reverse recruiter is a career coach who works for the candidate to seek out employers, rather than a traditional recruiter who works on behalf of employers to seek out ideal job candidates to fill a specific position.  

Reverse Recruiting Services

Our Reverse Recruiting Services Include...


  • One hour-long career clarity session to determine your interests, desires, and career aspirations and the best route to achieve these professionally.


  • One hour-long career document strategy session to understand your professional experience, accomplishments, and impact and articulate it in your voice and your professional brand.

  • Interview Coaching Sessions that will provide you with the knowledge to prepare for an interview, make impactful first impressions, answer common/technical/behavioral questions, and close out the interview well.


  • One hour-long salary negotiation session that will teach you best practices around salary negotiations and how to boost your income while navigating the often-uncomfortable nature of salary negotiations. Including additional 15-30 minute follow-up salary negotiation sessions for each role being interviewed for.


  • One Industry Specific and Optimized Resume. We offer unlimited revisions so we capture your experience the way you want it expressed. Our reverse recruiters also may develop additional iterations to assist with more complex job searches with multiple goals.


  • One Customizable Industry Focused Cover Letter. As above, these documents reflect our client's specific career objectives.

  • One Optimized LinkedIn Including Custom Branded Banner Image.


  • Customized resumes and cover letters for each job application.

  • Customized interview thank-you letters and follow-up messages.


  • Targeted job applications.


  • The use of LinkedIn Messaging and Email to Network with Hiring Managers, Recruiters, and Key Professionals or Companies. 


  • Access to job search resources.


  • Extensive client support from start to finish.

  • A recording of each coaching session and video call.

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The deliverables you can expect from our reverse recruitment package over the first 30 days.

  • What do you mean by unlimited revisions?
    Top Prospect Careers will provide you with as many revisions as needed within the first week after completion of your resume to ensure that your final project meets your exact needs, specifications, and desires.
  • Can my order be rushed?
    Yes, we provide rushed orders for a fee.
  • I don’t have a resume does that mean you can’t help me?
    If you do not have any existing career documents we will write them from scratch based on your work experience, education, and desired career.
  • Can you tailor my resume for a specific job?
    Yes. If there is a particular role that you are targeting we can draft a resume that reflects the position. If not we will create resume that can be used to apply to roles within your industry that match your experience. If you want to revise your resume for each role you apply for, we can do that for a fee.
  • How does interview coaching work?
    First, we provide you with a brief consultation so we can do a primary needs analysis and then we book a session. Our coaching session will be tailored to your individual needs.

Included With our Reverse Recruitment:

  •  Access to job search resources (includes: templates, guides, resources, etc.)

  • A recording of each coaching session and video call for you to review and refer back to as needed.

  • Comprehensive support to clarify and streamline your job search.

Wondering who you'll be working with?

As a small business, we take a lot of pride in the services we deliver and the results we provide. We pride ourselves on the client relationships we have built and our high rate of referrals. As such, our reverse recruiters take accountability for our client's success, and work diligently to support our clients. You will work with both Dan and Brad during the entire reverse recruitment process. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not outsource our work and keep our book of business to no more than nine clients at a timeWe will be your advocates and remain accountable for your success the entire way through.


Meet your Expert Career Coaches!

We noticed there was a deficit in the reverse recruiting market. There are too many coaches who offer direction, but not the practical tools and strategy to execute.

We corrected it.

Together we offer a unique reverse recruiting opportunity that combines the theoretical with the practical.

Dan's background is in HR along with helping over 500 professionals optimize their resume, refine their interview ability, and land job offers. This has positioned him to provide the practical advice and tools to help professionals on their career path.

Brad's background is in executive coaching, he helps professionals find their path and executives hone their leadership ability. This has positioned him to provide our clients with the direction they need to define their career path.

Together, we are Top Prospect Careers!


I haven’t looked for a job in years. It’s why I worked with Dan and Brad, and got their Reverse Recruiting. I wanted to be as hands off as possible and honestly, I just hate looking for a new job. The result was within a month of sending out applications I had two offers (both a pay increase). Thanks guys again for all the help.

- Baxter D.

Common questions we get asked about Reverse Recruiting...

How much does Reverse Recruiting cost?

Our reverse recruiting services fee is aligned with industry standards. Our pricing is competitive and our service renewal fee, after the first 30-day service period, is at a reduced rate. We are incentivized to get you hired as quick as we possibly can.

How do you Apply for Roles on my Behalf?

A reverse recruiter creates a shared email account and use that email to apply for positions. The reverse recruiter also add this email to your LinkedIn profile for the same purpose. We fill out job applications from start to finish, from customized resumes/cover letters to completing in-house user profiles.

How Long Does this Process Take?

It is challenging to determine how long exactly this process will take. We have had clients land roles and offers within a week but that is certainly not the norm. Things like job market conditions, location, and role/salary flexibility are not factors TPC can change. However, 3-6 months can usually be expected. 

What Makes This Service Competitive?

Top Prospect Careers combine the tactics and strategies used in hundreds of successful job searches into a customized done-for-you reverse recruitment service. We leverage our experience and your feedback to create a customized strategy to manage your job search. 

What Happens if I end the Service After 30-days?

We will wish you the best of luck, and all the deliverables outlined in the project will be provided. A reverse recruiter will offer a crash course on ways to streamline and optimize your job search so you can leverage some of the tactics we use in your search.

Are the any Guarantees?

We do not offer any guarantees with our reverse recruiting services, but we stand by our service and we will work diligently to support you on your job search. We rely on and leverage tactics that have helped us land hundreds of interviews and roles for our clients

Do you work with Every Professional?

We have individuals fill out a form because we can't work with everyone. We prioritize industries and job markets where we have experience. For example, we only work with clients in North America and the UK. We also do not work with professionals in academia, medical doctors, or architects, to name a few. We only work with clients for whom we are confident we can help. 


We're more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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