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Helping You Transform Your Career Potential!


Confidence, leadership, communication, and professionalism. These are the characteristics that industry leaders have. These are the traits that industry leaders need. These are the qualities that we have dedicated to help you cultivate through our extensive career development services. 

Understanding the importance of professional and personal development is imperative for success in the modern business world. Our career services were developed to deliver our clients with meaningful and actionable methods and tools to vastly improve in these areas.


Whether it is a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, or interview, salary negotiation, and career coaching we have delivered success for hundreds of clients. Or do what other industry leaders have and choose the experts to manage your job search for you with our signature Reverse Recruiting service.

Dan Reed

Executive Career Coach and Resume Writer Specializing in Reverse Recruiting

As a Certified Career Development Practitioner and Executive Career Coach, I aim to help executives and top performers get hired, faster. I do this by developing compelling career documents (Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, and Cover Letters), conducting interview and salary negotiation coaching, leading job searches, and helping my clients navigate their career goals.

My work has helped professionals from nearly every industry land fulfilling high-paying jobs. I have also worked with and been recognized by businesses, schools, and organizations worldwide, including Pavilion, Ivey, and Interviewer.AI.

I have helped hundreds of professionals and senior-level executives get hired, land interviews, receive promotions, and negotiate salary increases. When it comes to getting people hired, there is no one better.  

"I help executives and top performers get hired, faster!"

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Brad Reed

Executive Coach

My mission is clear. I want to empower professionals to live more meaningful, purpose driven and emotionally fulfilled lives. The biggest predictor of life satisfaction is career satisfaction, so this is something you want to get right. 

I have built a successful career spanning leadership training, business skill development, career development, and personal empowerment to top performers and C-suite level executives across the world. To date, I have empowered over 8000 people with retreats, online seminars, workshops, companywide training and private clients. Some of the major companies I have worked for are Bosch, Intel, Nike, GIZ, Crayola, Brooks, and more. I am the Founder of Repurpose You, and over the past 5 years have focused on helping founders and high performers improve well-being and awaken to their deepest potential. This work is a tremendous help for my clients to have a healthy career transition and sustain good work-life balance. Together, we can create a compelling plan to help you get clear on the career you went and the steps necessary to get there. 


“I help professionals find and sustain more meaningful, emotionally fulfilling and purpose driven careers.” 

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Brad Reed Executive Career Coach


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