Confidence, leadership, communication, and professionalism. These are the characteristics that industry leaders have. These are the traits that industry leaders need. These are the qualities that we have dedicated to help you cultivate through our extensive career development services. 

Understanding the importance of professional, personal, and employee development is imperative for success in the modern business world. Our career services were developed to deliver our clients with meaningful and actionable methods and tools to vastly improve in these areas.


Whether it is a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, or interview coaching we have found success consulting hundreds of individual clients in their careers. Do what other industry leaders have and choose the experts that know best.

Brad and Dan


Dan Reed

Co-Founder, Career Coach

My mission is to help professionals develop compelling career documents and interview with confidence. I leverage my skills from both sides of the human resources spectrum to ensure my clients achieve their career goals.

I have helped 100s of professionals get hired, land interviews, receive promotions, and negotiate  salary increases. When it comes to getting people hired, there is no one better.  

"I help professionals get hired and I help businesses hire the right professionals!"

You can read more about me on the TPC blog.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn.

Brad Reed

Co-Founder, Coach

My mission is clear. I want to empower professionals of all levels to achieve their highest career potential, teach them the steps to take, and give them the confidence to take them. 

I have built a successful career coaching and training leadership, business skills, career development and personal empowerment to professionals and C-suite level executives.


To date, I have empowered over 1700 people including training for major MNCs such as Bosch, Intel, Brooks, Nike, and IDH.


“I help professionals make inspiring and practical career choices which fulfill, motivate and sustain them. Ones that are in alignment with who they are and what they want to achieve.” 

You can connect with me on LinkedIn.


I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk. - Tony Robins

The hardest step is always the first one. Let us help you take it.