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Why the Octopus?

You may wonder why we at Top Prospect Careers changed our logo; or you don’t care at all and stumbled across this blog post when you were looking for career information. In either case, I’m going to explain why we felt the octopus was a suitable representation of our brand and our services.

1. Intelligent: Executives and top-performers are intelligent, elite, and show an amazing capacity to learn and accumulate knowledge.

Similarly, Octopuses are one of the most intelligent non-mammals. They can obtain information using several senses and by learning socially, process it effectively, and store it in their long-term memory to apply in both hunting and defense. Plus, some species have multiple brains and the ability to use tools.

Being a top-performer requires these attributes, minus the additional organs!

2. Adaptable: Leaders need to access different ways of thinking and be ready to experience change as a constant and inevitable. Adaptability is necessary for success.

Octopuses are one of the most skilled camouflage artists. They can change color in an instant, adapting to their surroundings and thwarting predators.

They can not only impersonate their surroundings, but their attackers’ major predators as well. The mimic octopus selects a creature to impersonate based on what’s living in the area, choosing one that represents the greatest threat to its potential predator.

Finally, they swim, crawl, and are one of the few aquatic creatures that can go on land.

3. Resilient: Executives and top-performers can thrive under pressure, cope with stress, and tackle the setbacks that occur in the corporate world. Resilience is a crucial trait of top-performers, and one that must be refined to thrive and succeed.

There probably is nothing more resilient than regenerating a new arm after being attacked or deliberately parting with it for survival. Not only can octopuses regrow arms, Octopuses can regrow arms that are just as good as the original and fully functional in every way. They can bounce back in a way that no other creature can rival.

4. Unique: The last reason we picked an octopus as our logo is because of how different they are. They are the most complex animal with the most distant common ancestor to us. And despite having many similar features as humans, they have developed them on a very different evolutionary route, making them extremely unique.

Let’s bring this all together. The career coaching industry is unregulated. Anyone in the world can call themselves a career coach, whether they have experience, education, or any ability.

The difference between TPC and many of our competitors is that our path to success started gradually. Before I ever felt comfortable calling myself a career coach, I had helped close to 200 professionals get hired, and had worked for other organizations to learn the trade. This isn’t even accounting for my HR experience.

Before Brad called himself a leadership coach, he had done dozens of trainings for Fortune 500 companies from entry-level employees to the CXO level. Not to mention the numerous coaching programs and certificates he has attained.

This collective experience has positioned us to provide both hands-on and done-for-you services while coaching our clients to land new roles, with increased salary, faster. Our advice is specific, actionable, and results-driven and has generated our clients' results time and time again.

Take some time, do some research, and look at 20 other career coaches. You will see a combination of font-based logos, monograms, or briefcases often accompanied by a series of platitudes.

We choose the octopus because it stands out, just like our services.

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