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The Get Hired Faster and Paid Better Method!


We personally work with you until you land the job.

You already know you're the top performer, let us help you become the top prospect!

Executive career coach Canada & The US

Does this sound familiar...

You click "Apply" and submit your resume. You feel optimistic, kick your feet up, and wait for the job offer. But weeks goes by and you get a little nervous, so you start applying to more places. But still nothing. 

Or you're interviewing with a hiring manager and they ask your salary expectations. You say 10% more than your current pay, when they were willing to offer you 30% more. 

How many opportunities have you missed by not being prepared or having the marketing tools to show, unequivocally, why you're the best fit for the job? 


Many professionals don't realize how much skill is involved in a successful job search!

You need a strategy, a process, and an approach that is going to get you consistent and repeatable success, and position you for lucrative salary negotiations. Lucky for you, we have experience helping hundreds of professionals get hired and we will provide you with everything you need for employers to PICK YOU as their Top Prospect.


Our Executive and Top Performer Top Prospect Coaching Program is for You If...

  • You are a Director to C-level professional who has a six-figure salary but is ready to explore new opportunities where you can create impact and evolve professionally.

  • You are a top performer who is ambitious, self-assured, and ready to create a professional brand that positions you for a six-figure salary.

  • You are a key contributor who is underpaid, under recognized, and stagnant in a role and is ready to shift to a business where your effort is appreciated and compensated accordingly.

  • You’re ready to achieve the next level. You’ve decided to stop underselling yourself and take the next step, but you need some help along the way.

  • You need clarity on which career path to pursue, how to maximize your employability and professional prospects to start or pursue a career you love.

Executive & Top Performer Executive Coaching


5 modules typically completed within 6 weeks.

Also included with the program:

  • Lifetime access to the TPC Resource Hub (includes: templates, guides, resources, etc.)

  • A recording of each coaching session and video call for your to review and refer back to as needed.

  • Support until you are hired - you will have email/messaging support to clarify and streamline your job search.


Meet your Coaches!

We noticed there was a deficit in the career coaching market. There are too many coaches who offer direction, but not the practical tools and strategy to execute.

We corrected it.

Together we offer a unique coaching opportunity that combines the theoretical with the practical.

Dan's background is in HR along with helping over 300 professionals optimize their resume, refine their interview ability, and land job offers. This has positioned him to provide the practical advice and tools to help professionals on their career path.

Brad's background is in executive coaching, he helps professionals find their path and executives hone their leadership ability. This has positioned him to provide our clients with the direction they need to define their career path.

Together, we are Top Prospect Coaching!



Brad and Dan were fantastic! Sometimes, you hit a bump in the road and look for other alternatives to help. In my case, paying for another service helped, but I was missing a key ingredient; interview tips. I knew that if an employer would give me a shot, I could get a job. But, I didn't realize how much I was talking. Brad setup a Skype call with me. We ended up talking for 1 hour and 30 minutes. His positive feedback set me on the right track. I did get several in person interviews afterwards, but it wasn't until about 2-3 weeks after the first few batch of in-persons that all my hard work and prep had paid off. It wasn't a hard interview necessarily, but the company saw my raw potential; all I was asking for in the beginning. I can't thank Brad and Dan enough!

- Scott McLaughlin



We're more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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