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 Why not position yourself for success?

Top Prospect Careers is one of Tampa's top professional resume writing services, and we have been helping industry leaders get hired faster and paid better for four years and counting. We have extensive experience writing professional LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, CVs, and resumes, for job seekers and top-performers in Tampa, FL.

You Don't Want a Resume,
You Want Interviews!

Top Prospect Careers works with you to ensure that your resume or CV captures your experience, voice, and ability in a way that impresses  hiring managers, recruiters, and employers. We are one of the best resume writing services in Mississauga. If not THE BEST. 

Unlike other resume writing services in Tampa, FL that only want to sell you a resume. Top Prospect Careers focuses on guiding you to land a job. Our company is committed to providing our clients with an ATS compliant and professional resume that will help you realize your career goals.

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Let’s get this over quickly!

 Getting a job requires a resume, almost always. There are some stories that suggest otherwise, but 99% of the time, you need to provide a resume  or CV. If it is your best friend helping you out even they will say something like, “give me your resume and I will forward it to my boss, the recruiter, and Human Resources.”

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Common Mistakes With Your Resume That We Fix...

Resume is Too Descriptive: This happens all the time and usually the biggest issue is not that the applicants missing important information it is they have too much unrelated and untailored  crap that gets immediately looked over during a scan. Having an exhaustive list of education, tasks, unrelated and dated jobs, and duties for every position in their career is a prodigious waste of paper.


Dated and Daunting: Many resumes are confusing, use unprofessional formats, tiny fonts, bury important information, contain walls of text, have no bullets/only bullets, etc. These are design related issues which can make a huge difference. Recruiters don’t have 45 minutes to scour through a six-page resume trying to find if an applicant has a degree.

Accomplishments VS Duties: Resumes should be centered around accomplishments. Hiring managers want to know that you can get things done, generate results, and excel in your work. Many job seekers think simply listing all of their work-related duties is sufficient when I can assure you it is not. Neglecting to demonstrate why you’re an ideal candidate drastically harms your chances of receiving an interview.


The Resume is Not Competitive: You may have the impression that people from Tampa don't need an executive coach or help with resume writing. But with the ever-changing job market, opportunity for remote and hybrid work, and the evolution of hiring, it may be time to consider getting assistance. Brad and Dan have helped hundreds of professionals like yourself advance in their careers, so don’t hesitate to take a step in the right direction and hire TPC. 


We optimize every detail of your resume from start to finish. Top Prospect Careers creates an interview-landing document with our personalized resume writing service.  This is our process:


  1. Request a quote: fill out the form! TPC will send a quote to match your experience level and the package you are most interested in.

  2. After we provide an invoice and you pay it, TPC will start a tentative draft of your resume based on the information you provided in the form. This also helps us learn more about your career.

  3. We will then schedule a Zoom call to chat about your experience, aspirations, and the details of your employment history during the strategy session that is included in all TPC's packages.

  4. After the strategy session, we will send you the first draft of the resume to review. Then we work on revisions until we have completed the project and you are happy with the content.

  5. While we collaborate on revisions, TPC will also begin writing any other document included with the package you purchased (cover letter, LinkedIn, etc.).


Top Prospect Careers aims for client success. We are always trying to ensure our executive and top-performing clients in Tampa have the competitive advantage they need to get hired faster.




What Makes TPCs Resumes Different?

If you look for a resume writer on the internet,  you will probably get hundreds of results. So how is Top Prospect Careers better?

We write resumes in collaboration with our clients, to optimize their experience, in their tone and voice. Too many resume writing services in Tampa do not leverage their client's feedback when they are writing resumes and cover letters. Instead, they draft meaningless content that is meant to impress, but actually says very little. Like this: “Value-driven change agent and growth-focused thought leader with a proven talent for aligning business strategy and objectives with business paradigms.”

At TPC refer to this type of writing as fluff. In essence, it is created to impress but it does not help in landing interviews. In addition, many resume writing and career services companies do not remove their digital signatures on the resumes they produce for their clients. These are just some of the ways they don’t treat you with the respect that you deserve.

TPC is different. Our clients love our collaborative process when detailing their unique career journey. We leverage our clients' input extensively to create projects (resume, LinkedIn, cover letter, etc.). In doing so, when our clients receive the final drafts they recognize themselves within them, instead of reading random flashy phrases.

Plus, we are thrilled to say that our clients give us great feedback on our process.  They routinely say it enables them to understand their experience and achievements better, acts as an awesome first step in their job search, and prepares them for having key points to discuss in interviews. 

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Before we discuss this, let’s clear some things up.

Contrary to popular belief,  the function of an ATS is not to screen and scan applicants. An ATS streamlines the recruitment process; this can be done by creating a workflow, posting jobs, drafting job descriptions, organizing, screening, and searching for applicants, scheduling interviews, extending offers, and managing candidates. We are one of the few resume writing services that actually know how ATSs function and we work to inform our clients about them.

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How Does An ATS Impact Your Job Search?

Your resume is stored in a candidate information or profile within an ATS. Additionally, resumes are parsed by these systems in order to extract key information from them to add to the internal candidate profile. This may replace manual entry from your end into an online application or form, although it rarely does.

TPC builds resumes that can be parsed easily by ATSs and recruiters alike. This is what ATS friendly, optimized, compliant etc., means. There is no secret trick or some amazing secret template. It is simply creating a document that is easy to scan and parse!

Want to learn more about ATS's? Check out this blog post.



Since TPC was formed, we have helped hundreds of top-performers from new graduates to CEOs get hired. Since 2018, we have received  100+ reviews spanning LinkedIn, Facebook, and our website. We do not have room to include every piece of feedback, but you can read some on our Client Success Page.


Out efforts and skill have helped us create a very loyal following. Because of this, around 60% of our business comes from referrals, return clients, or professional organizations that we partner with.

But do we offer any guarantees? While 100% of our clients have landed interviews,  we do not guarantee this result. The reality is, we have no control over your job search, the market, and what roles you submit your resume to.  However, our TPC Coaching package, which has a 100% success rate, includes working with us until you land a role!

If you're looking for professional resume writing services in Tampa, TPC is your best bet.

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