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TPC will ensure you are putting your best foot forward!

Since 2018, and counting, Top Prospect Careers, one of San Antonio's best professional resume writing services, has assisted business leaders, professionals, and top performers in obtaining  employment with higher pay, faster. For job searchers in San Antonio, we have years of expertise generating expert resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles.

You Want a Job, Not a Resume!

We create resumes for job searchers that demonstrate to recruiters and hiring managers your skills and expertise. Together, we can make sure that your resume stands out from the crowd. We are among the best resume writing services in San Antonio. Probably the best service! 

Top Prospect Careers is not just focused on creating resumes, in contrast to many other businesses in the San Antonio area. We want to help you land interviews. Simply stated, our goal is to find you work, not just generate a resume for you. Let us assist you in achieving your career goals.

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Guess what, you need a resume to get a job.

A resume is crucial because it is often one of, if not the only way you can introduce yourself to a potential employer. Even if you can reach out to a hiring manager or connection,  you'll often require a resume to apply for the job anyway. Your best friend is giving you a hand? Assuming they aren't the ones hiring, they tend to ask for your resume so they can give it to HR!

Resume Writing Services

More Reasons For A Resume...

Organizations must have liability insurance. Businesses want to demonstrate their lack of bias in employment practices. A resume gives them details and evidence they can use to support their hiring decision. This provides them with information to defend themselves with in the event of a lawsuit. PS: This does not mean companies are discriminatory, it's just a precaution.


Another reason? Submitting a resume helps hiring managers and recruiters to speed up the employment process. They can swiftly weed out applicants who lack the expertise or credentials they require by looking at resumes. Especially if they receive hundreds of applications for a popular post. This is why it is so crucial to demonstrate, clearly, in your resume why you can do a specific job.

Your resume is a marketing tool for your qualifications. It enables you to sell yourself to possible employers, positions you for career growth, and helps you get paid more! It's crucial to maximize your resume as much as you can given the fierce competition. Spend  time making sure you're doing everything you can to get it in front of the capable eyes of the recruiter and hiring manager.


The Job Market is Competitive. San Antonio's competitive job market is no different from any other. You won't be successful if you don't sell yourself. Can you manage without assistance? Maybe. But the game has changed because of shifting market conditions, remote employment, and improvements in hiring technologies. It might be time to get help. TPC has assisted hundreds of professionals and top achievers in accelerating their job search. 


Top Prospect Careers optimizes every part of your resume, from start to finish, with our resume writing and career coaching services. This is how it works:

  1. Request a quote to start: fill out the form! TPC will review your form and send an invoice that matches your professional experience.

  2. When the invoice is paid, the project starts. TPC will begin creating a rough first draft based on the data you gave us, this also helps us familiarize ourselves with your career.

  3. We then schedule a consultation call to discuss your work experience, career goals, and details of your employment,  this strategy call provides the framework for the resume project.

  4. Then we will write and deliver the first draft for your review. This is also the start of our revision process, where we work collaboratively to optimize your resume until you are 100% satisfied. 

  5. During the revision phase, we will start drafting any other documents that were part of the package you bought, such as a cover letter and LinkedIn profile.


Top Prospect Careers delivers client success. We go above and beyond for our top-performing clients, so they can advance in their job search and secure hire-paying employment!


The Top Resume Mistakes We See at TPC...

Way Too Much: This happens all the time. And the real problem is not that the resume lacks critical information; rather, a hiring manager or recruiter simply cant find it amongst all the needless and superfluous content. You don't need to list every one of your qualifications, duties, certifications, unrelated jobs, and lengthy details for each position you have had. Concentrate on selling points!


Dated and Uninspired Templates and Formats: We have seen some of the worst designs/templates on the internet. Want to know their common characteristics? Poorly formatted, use strange fonts, obscure important information, have walls of text, only contain bullets or no bullets, etc. These design flaws can harm your chances of getting an interview. The idea is to make it straightforward for recruiters—they're busy and don't have time to hunt though resumes looking for important information.

Responsibility Driven: Your resume should emphasize the potential influence you could have in a new role.  A hiring manager or recruiters wants to have an informed understanding of the potential impact you could have  if they hired you. That you can do things well, contribute, produce results, and excel. Keep this in mind. Stating your duties/tasks is insufficient as it says nothing about YOUR specific effort and impact. Indicate WHY you are the top prospect.


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When you apply for jobs online, recruiters and hiring managers will try to find you.

Your candidacy may suffer if your LinkedIn profile has been ignored or is nonexistent. In fact, a research study discovered that candidates who linked their resume to an optimized LinkedIn were 71% more likely to be invited for an interview than candidates without a LinkedIn profile or a poorly written one.

LinkedIn profile optimization service San Antonio

Your professional brand depends on a well-optimized LinkedIn page.

Imagine all the networking possibilities, connections, and employment opportunities you lose because your LinkedIn profile isn't set up to reflect your best professional self.

Allow Top Prospect Careers to develop a distinctive professional profile for you that attracts the attention of employers in San Antonio, strengthens your professional brand, and puts you in a position to be seen on LinkedIn.

Additionally, we give you the choice of having us log into your account to make the adjustments without charging you extra, which is something that nearly no other career services provider does.


The LinkedIn optimization process consists of:

  1.  Banner Image

  2.  Headline

  3.  Custom URL

  4.  “Open To” Section

  5.  About Summary

  6.  Professional Experience

  7.  Skills Section

  8.  Education


How the process works...

We begin by composing a preliminary copy of your LinkedIn that includes content for deliverables one, two, and five for your profile (from the sections listed above). The process starts when we are almost finished writing your resume. Then, we go over this material in as many versions as necessary. We'll give you a safe way to give us your LinkedIn information once the content is finished, and we'll set a time for TPC to log in and edit your LinkedIn page to reflect the 8 areas above.

This service is always in addition to buying a resume. LinkedIn profiles are not offered as a one-time service by TPC. The simple answer is that, when package costs are broken down, our price point for LinkedIn optimization is incredibly low and highly competitive.

Linkedin profile writing services San Antonio

Here is a breakdown of what we provide for each LinkedIn section.

  1. Banner Image: For the typical banner image, we include a high-resolution stock photo related to your industry.  If you want a more custom banner image like the one I have created on my account (you can see mine HERE), an additional charge will be added as TPC relies on the expertise of a graphic designer to create this for you.

  2. Headline: We will craft a headline that enables you to appear in more searches, appeals to recruiters, and aids you in your job search.

  3. Custom URL: TPC will make it easy for people to find and connect with you by customizing your profile’s URL. This was also ensure that its inclusion on your resume, cover letter, etc. will look professional, instead of having linkedIn/Name12334GVSt for example.

  4. Open To: We will populate your “Open To” section to match roles that align with your career aspirations and professional experience, and make it only available for recruiters to see.

  5. About Summary: The summary section is your chance to sell yourself and develop a convincing professional bio. This will not be the same summary as in your resume; it will be longer, more detailed, and composed of compelling points that will generate interest in you as a professional. We will use short paragraphs, bullet points, and varying lengths of sentences to not bore the reader. We will also add keywords to help you appear in more searches.

  6. Professional Experience: As mentioned, we will generate much of your LinkedIn professional experience from your resume. However, we change the content and optimize it to align with best writing practices.
    Note: We do not write narrative-style professional experience sections. This is for two reasons. First, we do not find them effective in aiding our clients in their job search or how they resonate with recruiters. The second reason is as LinkedIn profiles are an add-on service that we provide for a premium price, it does not make sense for our business to offer them due to the time commitment required. This is an example of how a narrative-style professional experience section would look like:  As co-owner of Top Prospect Careers, I have been fully immersed in the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship. Over the past four years, I have learned sales, marketing, customer success, and web design via the harsh tutelage of “sink or swim.” This is all in addition to becoming an expert in my field and being recognized by multiple websites, platforms, organizations, and articles for my professional ability…

  7. Skills Section: The skills section is a contributing factor to how you appear in search results. We will remove outdated and unimportant skills, add relevant ones, and ensure your skills section reflects your experience and goals.

  8. Education: Finally, if this section is incomplete or unfinished, we will update it accordingly!

Why is TPC the Best Resume Writing Service in San Antonio?

On Google, a search for "resume writing services" will return hundreds or even thousands of results. So why should you give your hard-earned money to TPC?

Each of our clients develops their career documents along with us. These documents are prepared to reflect their goals and aspirations in their voice. Too many San Antonio, TX resume writing services don't provide their customers enough say in the process. Because of this, they stuff your resume with statements that are plagiarized from other documents and are purposefully unclear. Despite its intention to wow, recruiters couldn't give a damn. Example: “Value-driven change agent and growth-focused thought leader with a proven talent for aligning business strategy and objectives with business paradigms.”

Fluff is the term for this process and this style of writing. In essence, something that seems good to you but has no real meaning to a recruiter The story is not over, though. The resumes that many job coaches and resume writing companies produce bear their digital signatures. We go above and above to serve our consumers because we believe in delivering integrity.

TPC stands out because we don't. Hundreds of customers have thanked us for being honest. We rely on client feedback to create projects (resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, etc.) and strive to educate clients as much as we can while working with them. Together, we examine the nuances of the job market and give our clients the tools they need to overcome any job-seeking obstacles. We are one of the top resume writing services in Texas because of this.

Additionally, our clients frequently tell us that our consultation strategy session helped them clarify their expertise and accomplishments, helped them create a cogent job search plan, and helped them get ready for interviews. 

resume writing San Antonio

Let TPC Help You With an ATS Friendly Resume

First, let's clear the air on ATS compliant resumes. 

Contrary to popular belief, an applicant tracking system is not used to screen out applications. The hiring process is streamlined by an ATS in a number of ways, including workflow design, job advertising, job description writing, applicant organizing and search, interview scheduling, offer extending, and application administration. We are one of the few career service providers who are knowledgeable with ATSs, and we enlighten our clients without the typical misunderstandings and sketchy upselling.

Resume Writing Service

So then, Does an ATS Impact Your Job Search?

It might, but not by much, contrary to what you might read online. Your resume will be saved in an ATS and made accessible to recruiters for review. Furthermore, ATSs will go through resumes to extract and gather crucial information for your internal candidate profile. This can substitute manual entry on your part into a form or job application, but it doesn't usually.

Resumes are often scanned by ATSs before recruiters. This is connected to concepts like "ATS friendly," "optimized," "ready," etc. It's about having a straightforward layout or format that can be scanned and understood by the system. There is no such thing as an ATS robot, there is no magic template, and there is no method to bypass the system.

Creating a resume that is simple to analyze and scan is the best way forward!

Want to learn more about ATS's? Check out this blog post.



Since Brad and Dan founded TPC, they have helped hundreds of high performers, ranging from CEOs to students. On LinkedIn, Facebook, and our website, we have received over 100 ratings. Despite the fact that we are unable to include every favorable comment or review, here are fewClient Success Page.


Our commitment to assisting professionals find employment has allowed us to build a strong customer base. Nearly 60% of our revenue is generated by partnerships, repeat customers, and referrals.

But do we offer any guarantees? While 100% of our clients have landed interviews,  we do not guarantee this result. The reality is, we have no control over your job search, the market, and what roles you apply for.  However, our TPC Coaching package, which has a 100% success rate, includes working with us until you land a role!

If you're looking for professional resume writing services in San Antonio, TX, TPC is here for you!

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