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 The Job Search is Cutthroat. We Will Help You Achieve Success.

Top Prospect Careers is one of the best career coaching and professional resume writing service providers in Los Angeles. Since 2018, we have assisted professionals in finding employment faster while earning more money. For job searchers and high achievers in Windsor, we specialize on achievement-driven resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters.

You Don't Want a Resume,
You Want a Job!


We Design Your Resume to Land Interviews

Top Prospect Careers works together with you to develop a resume that effectively communicates your abilities, successes, and personality to attract the attention of hiring managers, recruiters, and employers. We are one of the top (if not the top) resume writing service in Los Angeles.

We want to get you hired, unlike our rivals in Los Angeles who only want to sell you a resume. Top Prospect Careers is dedicated to helping its clients find employment. We produce ATS-compliant resumes and expert career materials that can help you land a job more quickly.

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Getting a job requires a resume, period!

A resume is necessary to be hired for a new position. Almost all employers desire one, or at the absolute least, a LinkedIn profile, that is the basic truth. There are almost no times when you won't be asked for it. As an illustration, if a friend is assisting you, they may say, "Send me your résumé and I will forward it it to my boss and HR."

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The Most Common Resume Mistakes We See...

Way Too Much: This problem occurs frequently. Furthermore, it's not that the resume lacks critical information; rather, a hiring manager or recruiter would simply find it difficult to comprehend all of the excess content and detail. It is unnecessary to list all of your qualifications, duties, certifications, responsibilities, unrelated jobs, and lengthy details for each position you have held throughout your career. Concentrate on main, key points.


Outdated Formats and TemplatesIf I could count the number of resumes I have seen that are difficult to understand, poorly formatted, utilize strange font sizes, obscure important information, have walls of text, only contain bullets, etc. These kinds of design flaws may make or break your chances of getting an interview. Make it simple for recruiters—they're busy and unable to trawl through resumes looking for important information.

Not Focusing on Accomplishments: The impact you could have in a new position should be highlighted on your resume. Hiring managers want to know that you can complete tasks, make a difference, produce outcomes, and excel in your job. Remember that simply listing duties is insufficient because it says nothing about YOUR unique contributions. Show WHY you're a great candidate.


The Competition is Leaving you Behind: Los Angeles' competitive job market is no different from any other. You won't be successful if you don't sell yourself well. Can you manage without assistance? The game has changed due to shifting market conditions, an increase in remote employment, and improvements in hiring technologies. It might be time to get help. TPC has assisted numerous professionals and top achievers in accelerating their job search. 


Your resume is upgraded in every way, beginning to end. With our unmatched Los Angeles resume writing service, Top Prospect Careers helps you construct a resume that will land you interviews. The method:

  1. Request a quote to start: fill out the form! We'll email you an estimate after we get the data. We take your expertise, professional level, and package into account.

  2. The invoice is sent upon your approval and acceptance of the quote. Following payment, we will start putting together a rough draft of your resume using the information you provided.

  3. The invoice is sent upon your approval and acceptance of the quote. Following payment, we will start putting together a rough draft of your resume using the information you provided.

  4. We will email you the first draft of the resume following the meeting. This initiates the revision process. Then, until you are completely satisfied with the resume, we work on modifications.

  5. Brad and I will start drafting any additional materials that came with the  package you bought (cover letter, LinkedIn, thank you letter, etc.), while we are working through revisions .


Top Prospect Careers delivers client success. We go above and beyond for our top-performing clients in Windsor so they can advance in their job search and secure higher-paying employment!




Why is TPC the Best Resume Writing Service?

Searching for resume writing services on Google will generate hundreds if not thousands of results. So why does TPC deserve your business?

All of our clients work with us to develop their career documents, which are then written to reflect their objectives and aspirations. Too many resume writing firms in Windsor don't allow their clients enough input. As a result, they cram your resume with purposely ambiguous claims by copying and pasting them from other sources. Although it is meant to impress, recruiters couldn't care less. Example: “Value-driven change agent and growth-focused thought leader with a proven talent for aligning business strategy and objectives with business paradigms.”

This procedure and this writing fashion is referred to as fluff. Basically, something that sounds nice to you,  yet is meaningless to a recruiter. However, this is not the end of it. Many resume writing firms and career coaches leave their digital signatures on the materials they produce. We take great delight in serving our customers and go above and beyond to do so.

TPC is unique because we don't do this. Dozens of clients have expressed their gratitude for our integrity. We develop projects (resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, etc.) based on feedback from our clients and try to educate them as much as we can while working with them. Together, we investigate the subtleties of the employment market and equip our clients to overcome any challenges they face. This is why we are the best resume writing service in Los Angeles, California.

Additionally, they appreciate how much our approach facilitates their job search,  claiming that it helps them remember their successes, offers them context for their experience, and equips them with the examples they need to succeed in an interview. PS: CV and resume are frequently used interchangeably, so get in touch with us if you need a CV in Los Angeles. 

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First, you should know something about ATS compliant resumes. 

Contrary to what you may have heard, an applicant tracking system does not serve the purpose of rejecting applicants. An ATS streamlines the hiring process in a number of ways, including workflow creation, job advertising, job description writing, applicant organization and search, scheduling of interviews, extending of offers, and application management. We are among the few providers of career services that are aware of how ATSs work, and we inform our clients without the usual misinformation and hazy upselling.

How Does an ATS Impact Your Job Search?

It might, but not nearly to the degree that the internet would have you believe. An ATS will save your resume and make it available to recruiters for viewing. Additionally, ATSs will process resumes to extract and compile essential data for your internal candidate profile. Although it doesn't always, this can take the role of manual entry from your end into a form or job application.

ATSs and recruiters can scan the resumes. Terms like "ATS friendly," "optimized," "ready," etc., are related to this. It is simply having a simple design/format that can be scanned and parsed. There is no magic template, no way to trick the ATS robots, and no way to get around the system. Creating a resume that is simple to analyze and scan is the best way forward!

Want to learn more about ATS's? Check out this blog post.



Hundreds of high performers, ranging from CEOs to students, have received their assistance from Brad and Dan since they began TPC. We have more than 100 ratings on LinkedIn, Facebook, and our website. Although we are unable to add each favorable review or comment, here are several: Client Success Page.


Our commitment to assisting professionals find employment has allowed us to build a strong customer base. Nearly 60% of our revenue is generated by partnerships, repeat customers, and referrals.

But do we offer any guarantees? While 100% of our clients have landed interviews,  we do not guarantee this result. The reality is, we have no control over your job search, the market, and what roles you apply for.  However, our TPC Coaching package, which has a 100% success rate, includes working with us until you land a role!

If you're looking for professional resume writing services in Los Angeles, TPC is here for you!

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