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Including Multiple Roles at the Same Company

How to Include Multiple Roles: Tips From A Professional Resume Writer

There are a variety of ways you can format your resume. As a professional resume writer one of the most common questions I get asked about work experience is “how do I list or put multiple positions at the same company on a resume.”

There are a few ways to do this, none more “correct” than the other. It often depends on the space on your resume, how you want to lay it out, and what positions you want to emphasize.

However, because I don’t include an example of this style on my services page, I felt it necessary to include some examples.

Multiple Roles at the Same Company:

The nested approach lists multiple positions under one company:


The listed approach lists the roles separately using the same company name each time:


Streamlined Approach:


This really depends on your personal preference as there is no wrong or right way to do this. But I prefer doing it the third way as it saves the most space and focuses on your most recent position. However, if you want to emphasize what you did at your other roles choose one of the other two options.

Remember, the important elements of your resume should be based on the job you’re applying for. As a professional resume writer, the first thing I do is review the posting my client is interested in. Seriously, I absorb it, take in as much of the information as possible, then relate to my clients work experience. DO THIS! Every time.

If there is one piece of advice you should take form me it is to tailor your resume towards the jobs you’re applying for!

Want more cover letter, LinkedIn, or interviewing help? Check out my blog post How to Optimize Your Job Search in 2020.

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