Popular Workshop Topics

Time Management

An in depth exploration of motivations, priorities, and realistic ways to manage your time better. Help take control of your personal and professional life today!


Take a dive into what it takes to be a great salesperson. We cover psychology, mindset, limiting beliefs, rapport, methods, and value delivery. Attendees will also learn ‘The edge’ mindset, which has been uniquely developed by TPC.

Coaching and Mentoring

The success of a company depends on the success of each individual. Teams require leaders and junior staff rely on mentors to ensure they are reaching their highest potential in the company. This workshop explores, very deeply, the nature of a great coach and mentor. Is a journey of the self and is an insight-based program. Attendees will leave with the confidence, understanding and mindset required to be better, more inspiring leaders.

Presentation Skills

Ownership and Mindset

Increased performance starts with a healthy mindset and a strong sense of personal responsibility. Attendees take a deep dive into themselves and find what really motivates them and how they can get to the next level with their personal and professional lives.

Team Building & Collaboration

Learn how to give effective and engaging presentations that interest your audience, sell your idea, and leave a lasting positive impression.

Attendees get a chance to experience insight based training around their mindset and the value of teamwork. Through a series of exercises we explore the nature of human behavior and realize the importance of working with others to achieve your goals.

Advanced Presentation Skills

Take your presentations to the next level. Learn how to captivate with emotion, tell stories, influence, persuade, and fortify non-verbal communications.

Creating a CV

Having a great CV is crucial for career success today. This workshop will cover the basic and advanced aspects of proper CV development. We will learn from the expert what makes a good CV and why. Attendees should expect to leave the workshop with an upgraded and professional CV.

Advanced Facilitation Skills

Many professionals are required to facilitate and lead meetings or discussions. This workshop will explore the nature of human behavior and how best to conduct workshops so results and solutions are objective and optimal. Previous knowledge of facilitation is recommended.

Body Language of Influence

Professionals and business owners alike often forget the most effective way to enhance their influence and persuasion skills. This workshop explores the science, psychology, and techniques behind captivating and engaging body language. This workshop is very fun and energetic.

Executive Presence

Embodying the traits of a natural leader can be a learned skill. Having the key behavior patterns and habits that embody confidence, authority, grounding, and direction position people to lead their team and business to better outcomes. Learn these skills and mindsets. 

Shaping New Leaders

New managers, entrepreneurs, and organizers are often burdened with the responsibility of managing people. Although competence in a particular field got them there, inspiring, empowering, and leading others is a talent and skill learned through experience. This workshop fast-tracks that learning curve by empowering new leaders, changing their mindset, and giving them tools they need to perform and lead!

Career Planning

Knowing where and how you want your career to go is not easy. Understanding where you are now, what skills you have, and what interests you is key to formulating a career plan that you can follow. Strategies, mindset, realities, and other factors are also discussed. Attendees should expect to leave the workshop with a customized career plan that works for them.

Personal Effectiveness

This workshop takes a look into the motivations and routines of the attendees and helps them align their time and energy more efficiently. Topics explored include: priority setting, great daily routines, and personal performance enhancement

Mastering Job Interviews

This workshop is a detailed and extensive exploration into what a great job interview should like like. We cover mindset, body-language, attire, employer perspectives, common interview ‘traps’, loaded questions, and common interview questions. There will be lots of practice and insight based learning. 

Conducting Interviews

This workshop is for SME owners and managers who need an ‘edge’ in the recruitment process to make sure they are finding and hiring the best talent available. Attendees should expect to learn how to conduct an interview, how to screen, how to question for talent, full cycle recruitment, documents and processes.

High Performance

Professional competence is greatly improved by modifications in habit patterns on a professional's life. Here we examine science-backed techniques, exercises, and mindsets which are proven to make people more productive, energized, and efficient. This training, if applied can greatly improve the performance of a business.

Team Motivation

This workshop examines the fundamentals of human motivation and how to engage with people to enhance their willingness to collaborate. In addition, topics around setting the example, managing trust and performance will be explored from a very practical point of view.