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What is Reverse Recruiting?

Reverse recruiting is a relatively new employment method. For Top Prospect Careers, it means we manage your job search. But, traditionally, it is when employers recruit employees, rather than employees applying for jobs for companies, and is very common among certain business industries, such as the tech industry, since it is often a very competitive job market. For instance, according to Korn Ferry, a Los Angeles-based management consulting firm, by 2030 there is expected to be a global shortage of 85 million tech workers accounting for an 8.5 trillion dollar loss in annual revenue.

You may be thinking, “Great, but how does this help me? Employers aren’t reaching out to me, and my job applications are going nowhere.” Consider all the countless hours you’ve spent applying for jobs, updating your resume, creating cover letters, and stressing over your LinkedIn profile. Now, imagine if someone else, who is also a job search expert, were doing it all for you.

Top Prospect Careers’ approach to reverse recruiting sets aside the conventional definition of the term. Instead, we simplify the process by conducting the job search on your behalf, from start to finish.

Our signature career coaching experience is designed to help you gain clarity on your career aspirations, abilities, and direction. We develop tailored career documents to manage your job search, ensuring you get hired and paid better, faster – from the application process all the way to final salary negotiation.

Brad and I, along with a few of our competitors, have redefined the concept of reverse recruiting. We are at the forefront of this innovative idea to help you with your job search. No that we have defined what is reverse recruiting. Let us take a moment to share the top five benefits of partnering with TPC in reverse recruiting.

The Top 5 Benefits of Reverse Recruitment, include:

1. Saves Hundreds of Hours on Your Job Search!

With our multichannel approach that includes networking on LinkedIn, applying for roles on job boards, and contacting recruiters, we save you hundreds of hours. We take care of the time-consuming tasks of customizing applications, resumes, and cover letters, giving you the space to focus on what you excel at. Leave the tedious work to us, the pros.

2. Streamlines Your Job Search.

Why spend hundreds of hours searching for low-quality jobs or jobs which you don’t have the skills and experience for, when you can focus on applying for jobs that better suit your personality, skills, and experience? One of the most common mistakes job seekers make is applying to roles they are not qualified for, or not presenting their candidacy in an effective way to demonstrate they are qualified.

Moreover, if you are having a hard time demonstrating your skills, we can optimize your applications for you, so you are able to land more interviews. Career transitions are hard as it is, but even harder when you do not have a solid strategy.

By leveraging the latest reverse recruiting strategies and techniques used by Top Prospect Careers, you are much more likely to find a job which matches your skills and experience. We ensure that recruiters and hiring managers understand, with vivid clarity, that you meet most of, if not all, the job qualifications.

3. Improves Salary Negotiation Skills for Job Seekers. At Top Prospect Careers, we not only help you secure a job that suits your skills and experience, but we also provide coaching on how to negotiate a better salary or renegotiate a raise for your current position.

We believe you deserve to be paid what you’re worth, and with our step-by-step strategies, you’ll learn the art of negotiation and have the confidence to ask for the salary and benefits you deserve. As expert career coaches, Brad and I will guide you through the salary negotiation process, helping you overcome any obstacles in your way.

Don’t settle for being undervalued. With our support, you’ll be equipped with the skills to negotiate like a pro and walk away with a better offer.

4. Saves You Money.

Now, you may be wondering, how does paying for a premium job search save me money? The answer is simple: by reducing the length of your job search, you can start earning money sooner.

If you’re currently working 40+ hours a week, you may not have the time to dedicate to a job search without sacrificing your current employment. By using a reverse recruiting service, you can free up your time and still have someone who is fully committed to your job search.

Moreover, if you’re only half-committed to either your job search or your work, you may be sacrificing income by not being fully engaged in either. With us, you can focus on your current job while leaving the job search to the experts.

5. Learn From the Best.

When you work with Top Prospect Careers during the reverse recruitment process, you will gain exposure to the best practices that have helped us successfully land high-paying and meaningful roles for hundreds of clients. Even if you prefer not to have us conduct your search, you will still have access to all of the deliverables listed below, along with a crash course that teaches you our strategies for success.

Who you will be working with:

As a small business, we hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence, taking great pride in delivering exceptional services and consistently achieving outstanding results for our clients. Our unwavering commitment to building strong client relationships has resulted in a high rate of referrals, a testament to the quality of our work. Our reverse recruiters are fully invested in our clients’ success and work tirelessly to support them throughout the entire process.

You will work with both Dan (myself), and Brad, who will serve as your advocates and remain accountable for your success every step of the way. All deliverables are completed by us, or our team member, Brittany. We don’t outsource any work because we believe that to effectively understand the nuances of your career background and job search goals, the work must be done by us personally.

We understand that job searches have their highs and lows, and we’ll be there with you through it all. We’ll be advocating on your behalf, so it’s crucial that we establish a trusting relationship with you.

What to expect:

Coaching Sessions: One hour-long career clarity session to determine your interests, desires, and career aspirations and the best route to achieve these professionally. One hour-long career document strategy session to understand your professional experience, accomplishments, and impact and articulate it in your voice and your professional brand.

Interview Coaching Sessions that will provide you with the knowledge to prepare for an interview, make impactful first impressions, answer common/technical/behavioral questions, and close out the interview well. Maximum of 6 hours per 30-day period. One hour-long salary negotiation session that will teach you best practices around salary negotiations and how to boost your income while navigating the often-uncomfortable nature of salary negotiations. Including additional 15-30 minute follow-up salary negotiation sessions for each role being interviewed for. Career Documents: One Industry Specific and ATS Optimized Resume. We offer unlimited revisions so we capture your experience the way you want it expressed. We also develop additional iterations to assist with more complex job searches that have more than one goal. One Customizable Industry Focused Cover Letter. As above, these documents reflect our client’s specific career objectives. One Optimized LinkedIn Including Custom Branded Banner Image. Customized resumes and cover letters for each job application. Customized interview thank-you letters and follow-up messages. Job Applications: We apply to targeted roles on your behalf, from start to finish. Including customized resumes and cover letters to match the role. The use of LinkedIn Messaging and Email to Network with Hiring Managers, Recruiters, and Key Professionals or Companies. Other: Access to the TPC Resource Hub Extensive client support from start to finish. A recording of each coaching session and video call.

In summary, reverse recruiting is the future of successful job searching. At TPC, we help industry leaders and top-performers land higher paying jobs faster through our comprehensive range of services and personalized support.

Interested in Learning More About Our Reverse Recruiting Program or Top Prospect Careers?

If you are looking for help with resume writing or cover letter writing or finding the right career to fit your current skills and experience, our talented team of reverse recruiters at Top Prospect Careers will help point you in the right direction, so that you can become the top prospect for the career of your dreams!

Contact us today to schedule a Career Coaching Strategy Session or visit our Top Prospect Reverse Recruiting Services page.

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