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Believe it or not, recruiters and hiring managers will attempt to find you online when you're applying for jobs. 

If your LinkedIn profile has been neglected or is nonexistent, it can harm your candidacy. In fact, a study found that applicants who included a link to a comprehensive LinkedIn profile on their resume were 71% more likely to get a job interview than applicants that didn't have a LinkedIn profile at all. However, it is not simply enough to just complete your LinkedIn profile, you must optimize it for recruiters, so you can get the job of your dream!

LinkedIn profile optimization service

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile is key to your professional brand.

Think of all the employment opportunities, connections, and networking potential you miss when your LinkedIn isn't developed to represent your best professional self?

Let Top Prospect Careers create a unique professional profile for you that impresses potential employers, enhances your professional brand, and positions you to have an impact on LinkedIn.
Plus, unlike almost every other LinkedIn profile writing service, we give you the option of having us log in to your account to make the changes at no additional cost.



As part of our LinkedIn profile writing service, we will update the following for you:

  1.  Banner Image

  2.  Headline

  3.  Custom URL

  4.  “Open To” Section

  5.  About Summary

  6.  Professional Experience

  7.  Skills Section

  8.  Education


How it works...

It starts by creating a rough draft for you to review consisting of content for 1, 2, and 5 (from the sections listed above). This process begins after the resume is nearly complete. We then work through this content in as many revisions as needed. Upon completion of the content, we will provide you with a secure means of providing us with your LinkedIn information; then, we can schedule a time for TPC to log in and update your LinkedIn profile, covering the 8 areas mentioned.

This service is always in addition to the purchase of a resume. TPC does not provide LinkedIn optimization as a one-off service. The reason is simple, our price point for LinkedIn Profile Optimization, when breaking down package costs, is extraordinarily affordable. We are able to provide this service at a discount because we draft much of the Professional Experience section from the resume.

Linkedin profile writing services

Now, let's break down each of the LinkedIn sections listed above.

  1. Banner Image: For the typical banner image, we include a high-resolution stock photo related to your industry.  If you want a more custom banner image like the one I have created on my account (you can see mine HERE), an additional charge will be added as TPC relies on the expertise of a graphic designer to create this for you.

  2. Headline: We will craft a headline that enables you to appear in more searches, appeals to recruiters, and aids you in your job search.

  3. Custom URL: TPC will make it easy for people to find and connect with you by customizing your profile’s URL. This was also ensure that its inclusion on your resume, cover letter, etc. will look professional, instead of having linkedIn/Name12334GVSt for example.

  4. Open To: We will populate your “Open To” section to match roles that align with your career aspirations and professional experience, and make it only available for recruiters to see.

  5. About Summary: The summary section is your chance to sell yourself and develop a convincing professional bio. This will not be the same summary as in your resume; it will be longer, more detailed, and composed of compelling points that will generate interest in you as a professional. We will use short paragraphs, bullet points, and varying lengths of sentences to not bore the reader. We will also add keywords to help you appear in more searches.

  6. Professional Experience: As mentioned, we will generate much of your LinkedIn professional experience from your resume. However, we change the content and optimize it to align with best writing practices.
    Note: We do not write narrative-style professional experience sections. This is for two reasons. First, we do not find them effective in aiding our clients in their job search or how they resonate with recruiters. The second reason is as LinkedIn profiles are an add-on service that we provide for a premium price, it does not make sense for our business to offer them due to the time commitment required.
    This is an example of how a narrative-style professional experience section would look like:  As co-owner of Top Prospect Careers, I have been fully immersed in the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship. Over the past four years, I have learned sales, marketing, customer success, and web design via the harsh tutelage of “sink or swim.” This is all in addition to becoming an expert in my field and being recognized by multiple websites, platforms, organizations, and articles for my professional ability…


  7. Skills Section: The skills section is a contributing factor to how you appear in search results. We will remove outdated and unimportant skills, add relevant ones, and ensure your skills section reflects your experience and goals.

  8. Education: Finally, if this section is incomplete or unfinished, we will update it accordingly!

Why Our LinkedIn Profile Optimization Service?

As mentioned, we provide this service at a premium price, which no other professional organization of our caliber can match. Additionally, we are one of the few providers that will update our client's LinkedIn profiles for them. 

This is such a massive bonus as tackling the formatting, updating the sections one by one, and ensuring it is fully optimized takes time, especially if you are not an avid LinkedIn user.

Other providers will generally provide you with a completed template to upload yourself. The issue with this is the format of the template is rarely the same as that of your LinkedIn, and what could appear fine on a template may look sloppy or disjointed on LinkedIn.

Beyond that, TPC is a proven LinkedIn optimizer. We pride ourselves on writing content in your voice that reflects your career.

If you need further proof, please look at Dan's LinkedIn here and check out some of the recommendations!

LinkedIn Profile Optimization Canada & US
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