Career Coaching

Find your professional purpose!


The average workweek is 40 hours, which is approximately one third of someone’s life. On top of that, most people are NOT happy with their jobs...

Do you want to spend 1/3 of your life doing something you're not happy with?

If you consider how much time you will spend in the professional world and how much commitment it takes, would it be worth it to have a better understanding of who you are, what’s important to you, and what makes you feel fulfilled and happy? 

That’s what career coaching is.


It’s much more than just taking a list of your top skills and matching those skills with job descriptions. It’s a journey between a coach and a client to discover the highest potential a person has and to give them confidence and practical tools to pursue what they love. It’s about breaking down limiting beliefs and empowering them to take action toward their deepest goals.



During this co-creative process, a client can find a new job, improve life satisfaction, develop leadership skills, build their confidence, and create a healthy work-life balance. At TPC, it is our firm commitment to make our partnership productive and results oriented. Our unique coaching process leads you to feel empowered and confident about the next steps in your career journey and provides you the tools to take them. 

Just a guess, if you’ve made it to this page, you may be thinking:

  • You’re not happy with your current job

  • You want to optimize your career path

  • The idea of seeking better and more challenging opportunities is appealing

  • It feels like you could do more with your time and energy

  • You can sense that you are destined to do more with your life

  • There is a longing to learn more skills and take on new challenges

  • You don’t feel fulfilled and energized

  • You’ve spent more time listening to others than listening to yourself

  • The career you have feels stagnant and boring

  • The thought of continuing down the same path leaves you empty


  • You don’t know what steps to take

  • There isn’t a clear map to help you

  • You feel alone an isolated

  • The job landscape is overwhelming

  • You don’t know which skills and abilities you need

  • People around you don’t understand your dissatisfaction

  • Others are encouraging you to stay in a safe and comfortable job

  • Making the first move feels impossible

  • There is immense fear around taking more responsibility for your life

  • Maybe you know the WHY and WHAT but you can’t figure out the HOW

Our promise to you...

We will do everything we can, in our current capacity to help you achieve actual results with your career change or growth. Using our combined skills, experience, and training, we hope to enable you to grow in your career and establish yourself as a more confident, inspired, fulfilled and happy professional. Whether you’re an executive, manager, mid-level professional, or entry-level professional, we have you covered. We will hold you accountable and help you create a plan that you feel great about and assist you in executing the steps.

Your promise to us...

We work with professionals who are eager and willing to take their personal and professional growth seriously. We can’t perform miracles if our clients don’t put in the necessary, time consuming and sometimes challenging work to build the future they want. An open mind is required to see things in a new perspective and a willingness to challenge yourself in new ways is a prerequisite for the growth that leads to better fulfillment and results. Great outcomes require great behaviors, and that is only in the control of the client.



Your challenges were once ours, like you, at one point it was NOT clear what we needed to do or how we needed to do it. One reason we started coaching was to help others identify their purpose, align this with their intentions and get a career they love and are proud of. Everything we do started with first helping ourselves, and from there we could empower others with these skills and mindsets to take better control over their careers and the trajectory of their lives. Our drive is helping professionals, at all levels, realize their goals and achieve higher potential. We genuinely care about the outcomes of the people we work with, which has taken us from a few clients to over 1000 to date!


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