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Top Prospect Coaching

The 1:1 Career Coaching Experience that Gets You Hired!


 Getting hired can be complicated. Our "Top Prospect" career coaching program makes it easy.  We personally work with you 1:1 until you land the job!


What are we offering...

  • A deep-dive consultation where we learn EVERYTHING about your professional history and your aspirations. 

  • Professionally written ATS optimized resumes that are tailored to EACH of your applications. 

  • A visual networking resume that combines design, content, and strategy to impress recruiters, peers, and employers without worrying about ATS's. 

  • 1:1 interview coaching that will provide you with the skill and knowledge to ace your interview and land the job. 

  • A well-developed LinkedIn profile that will demonstrate to recruiters that you have exactly what it takes to tackle every professional obstacle in your path. 

  • Custom LinkedIn message templates that sell you without being "spammy." 

  • Authentic cover letters that reflect your professional experience and character as they relate to EACH position you apply for. 

  • Job search techniques that provide you insider knowledge on how to find the best opportunities and what positions you have the highest likelihood of landing.  

  • Salary negotiation strategies to ensure you are not underpaid for your expertise. 

  • Unlimited questions - you will have access to talk to us as much as needed to clarify and streamline your job search.


Does this sound familiar...

You click "Apply" and your new and improved resume is submitted. Ya know, the one with the tips from that article you found on Google. 

You feel optimistic, kick your feet up, and wait for the job offer. One-and-done you think. But a week goes by and you get a little nervous, so you start applying to more places.


But still, nothing. 

"What is going on?" 

You find yourself searching for more answers but article after article of different and contradictory advice is making you feel less and less confident about your job search. With hundreds of applications sent, and zero offers, you begin to think it's impossible. 

One of the biggest mistakes people make when looking for a new job, is that they don't realize how much skill is involved. The reality is, everyone can apply to jobs with a click of a button. In fact it is not uncommon for me to get clients who have submitted in excess of 50 applications a day. The problem is, it DOESN'T work. 

You need a strategy, a process, an approach that is going to  get you consistent and repeatable success. Lucky for you, we have experience getting hundreds of professionals hired and we will provide you with everything you need for employers to PICK YOU as their Top Prospect.


Those resumes look great!

They aren't. They both make job-costing mistakes that most job seekers have NO idea about. Our Top Prospect Coaching program goes far beyond the advice and support in our other services. Not only will you have a stand-out LinkedIn profile, tailored ATS optimized resumes and career documents, and be fully prepared to crush your interviews, you will also receive:

  • Insider Tips About Resumes

  • How Recruiters Pick Candidates 

  • Interview Hacks That Create Confidence

  • LinkedIn Growth Tips 


Top Prospect Career's Coaching Program is For Professionals Who: 

  • Want to learn the ins and outs of the job search process and NEVER have to worry about searching for a job again.

  • Have been out of work for an extended period of time or are tired of their current position and want to immediately increase their prospects of employment.

  • Are TIRED of the entire hiring process and want a professional to handle it for them. 

  • Are willing to invest time in the process and take responsibility of the direction of their career.

  • Want a sleek, recruiter-friendly LinkedIn profile that makes recruiters offer jobs. And who want to use LinkedIn messaging strategies that are organic and that generate results.

  • Think the idea of having a bad resume is no longer acceptable to and are ready to build one that impresses recruiters and lands interviews.

  • HATE the tedium of writing cover letters and no longer want it as a concern and who would rather have a professional write cover letters that get RESULTS. 

  • Understand job searching is a skill. And are ready to hone that skill so they NEVER have to worry about being out of work or underemployed again!

Does getting insider tips from an HR consultant, professional resume writer, interview coach, and author with a background in recruitment interest you?  


That is what I'm offering with my coaching. 

With the information and support I will be providing as part of my coaching program you will have more than it takes to get the job you have always wanted. 


Individualized Pricing

Before accepting you as a client I need to learn more about your unique career journey and determine whether or not you are a good fit for my services. This will consist of doing a deep dive into your professional abilities, experiences, and aspirations. We will then discuss pricing and payment.

Resume Writing

The resume writing process will begin with a comprehensive discussion to uncover more details about your professional ability as it relates to the industry/positions you are interested in. We will then draft a master resume which will serve as the basis for all of your applications. Each iteration will be tailored towards the position you are applying for. 

Networking Resume

This is a resume that combines design, content, and strategy to impress recruiters, peers, and employers without worrying about ATS's. This resume will be brief, heavy on accomplishments, and designed to impress its reader immediately. Its purpose is to be sent to recruiters or employers directly.

Cover Letter Writing

Authentic cover letters that reflect your professional ability, excellence, and personality will impress recruiters and hiring managers alike. No more generic “I saw your job posting and...” mass-sent templates but impactful, job-tailored cover letters that are a representation of your unique professional brand.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

After completing the master resume, we will make a concerted effort to optimize EVERY detail of your LinkedIn profile. One that impresses recruiters and has them reaching out to you. As part of the process, I will provide you with search tips, custom LinkedIn messages, and clear instructions on how to grow and prosper on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Engagement

An optional premium service will be targeted LinkedIn engagement to help grow your account, increase profile views, and improve overall exposure. This can also include pre-written industry tailored posts at a maximum of one per week. None of this will be automated so your growth will attract the right connections and enable you to gain professional traction in a genuine way.

Job Search Techniques

One of the biggest mistakes job seekers make is applying to the WRONG jobs in the WRONG places. Top Prospect Career’s job search techniques will instruct you and provide you actionable advice on how to find the best opportunities for your industry, experience, and skillset. This will range from identifying positions you are qualified for to reaching out to employers/recruiters.

Interview Coaching

The coaching process will involve 1:1 interview coaching that will provide you with the knowledge to prepare for an interview, what to wear, mindset, confidence, and body language tips, IMPACTFUL first impressions, and finishing touches that make you stand out.

Plus, we will develop answers for you to tackle the most common interview questions along with providing feedback on your interview ability, tonality, and other idiosyncrasies. Each session will aim to strengthen your interview ability and provide you with the confidence necessary to ace your interviews with authenticity.