Leadership and Business Workshops

Your Employees are the Key to Your Success

How Can Leadership Training and Business Skills Workshops Benefit Your Business?

"Employees are a company's greatest asset - they're your competitive advantage." - Anne M. Mulcahy


Consider This…

The World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report suggested that by 2020, the most valuable skills in the workplace will all be soft skills: critical thinking, emotional intelligence, complex problem-solving, creativity, people and team management, negotiation, leadership, and communications. 

A business with 100 employees spends 17 hours/week clarifying communication, costing $528 443/year.

75% of a professional's success is dependent on soft-skills. 


​Happy employees are 20% more productive and companies that invest in supporting their staff have the happiest employees.

That’s Where We Come In!​​

We are proud to offer business skills courses, soft skills training, and emotional intelligence workshops in Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan. We also offer leadership training, team performance training, and emotional intelligence training for managers.  



1. Boost workplace productivity 

Soft skills training improves employee performance and productivity across the board


2. Reduce Risks

Lack of self-awareness and confidence makes things risky in the workplace. Business skills courses help people mitigate risks and solve problems on their own. 

3. Improve Customer Service

Employees are better equipped to actively listen to consumers' needs, identify the problem, and help them resolve it. 

4. Increase Sales

Happy customers lead to more sales. Employees can use their skills to engage with the customer/client on a personal level without blurring their professional boundaries. 

5. Build A Stronger Team

With emotional intelligence training your team becomes cohesive unit because they're able to collaborate and respect each other's perspective. Everyone remains positive and faces challenges with optimism. 

6. More Self-Confidence, Less Stress

Greater self-confidence and self-esteem. Employee training gives professionals all the tools they need to overcome challenges and creatively resolve their differences. 

7. Improve Employee Retention

Top talent is retained because they have all the essential skills. Employee training and development is an investment in their professional growth, and it pays off. 




Mastering Teamwork

We designed this training to deliver a genuine impact for companies in Vietnam, Thailand, and Taiwan. At TPC we recognize that the business world demands more engaged, confident, and high performing teams. We are results based trainers and structured this workshop to focus on insight and empowerment. This training is built around the fundamentals of business leadership and performance coaching which results in immediate and lasting change. It's top tier training for top prospect teams. 

Mastering Recruitment

Employees are critical to your business; in fact, the success of your organization depends on having effective employees. This workshop empowers employers to implement the hiring best practices that are necessary to ensure you hire high performing employees. We do this by teaching full cycle recruitment and providing your business with the tools necessary to conduct effective job evaluations, create job postings, interview and source candidates, and choose the TOP prospect.

Require a Custom Workshop for Your Team?

We understand the value of employee training and development and that all businesses and teams operate differently. Leadership and business training in Vietnam, Thailand and Taiwan will lay the foundations of the business for decades to come. We therefore often customize our employee training courses to provide the best business training possible. You can book a consultation with us to discuss your company's needs and goals so that we can develop an a employee training program, leadership course or workshop that is right for your team!